• Creative Copywriter

    Creative Copywriter

    RDM, Nigeria


    So you’ve got writing skills. You’ve probably checked us out a few times and think you could be a valuable asset to us. Okay. What are you waiting for? Come write for us! RDM is hiring awesomeness! So if you’re totally awesome, we’ll take you!


    Job skills required

    Writing: The Creative Copy Writer will need to know how to write effective, short copy in a lot of different styles, for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  

    Research: The Creative Copy Writer need to know what is happening in the fast-changing world of social and digital media, what competitors are doing and what new measurement tools are being used.

    Problem-Solving: He or she needs to figure out how to best communicate a company’s message on different platforms, and sometimes might need to convey sensitive issues or deal with angry customers as part of community management.

    Teamwork & Collaboration: Working collaboratively with various teams to achieve success on each project

    Organization: Management of day to day activity across clients social channels is also required. How you communicate on each, determining audience, and measuring tactics all take organization.

    Technical Skills: Being tech savvy is necessary. Also, using social tools to report on and measure success of social campaigns is required.


    • Build and sustain strong and long-lasting relationships with Account & Strategy Managers.
    • Work closely with the Directors and Team Heads to respond to new business opportunities, and collaborate the team to implement the agreed-upon digital strategy and tactics.
    • Ensuring work is delivered to the highest standard, on time and to budget.

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