• Discover ways to make your online advertising stand out

    Advertising is a key instrument in getting your business or brand in front of your target audience. Make sure they think of you first at the decision point of purchase. Online advertising has witnessed a surge in recent times, with big corporations, micro, and macro businesses tapping into the world of digital to advertise and gain maximum visibility online while also sharing their brand story to their customers.


    Digital advertising has come to stay and it’s evolving in many ways. There are a few things to take into consideration when you decide to go digital with your Ads; know that you are reaching a wider audience and market than traditional advertising, and your strategy needs to be clearly defined. For digital marketers, an ad going viral is like Christmas come early, this is because when an advert goes viral online, it shows that people are talking about your brand and consumer engagement increases exponentially, which in turn has positive effects on sales. For the digital marketer, emotion is a crucial element when advertising online. When you’re able to connect with your customers on a psychological and emotional level, know that half of your work is done. So, what do you need to make your online advertising stand out and perform optimally?


    1.    Superb Creatives: Traditional advertising has been in the forefront of providing eye-catching visuals for years, but in the past decade digital has stepped it up. One way to grab the attention of your audience is by rolling out great creative designs. Designs that elicit some form of emotion and engage your customers at first glance, that’s what gets them to take an action. Quality creatives can help boost your brand awareness from good to great. Whether it’s high-resolution graphics with friendly colours that blend together to make your message soothing to your audience or distinct and clear videos that express micro-moments, either way, you’ll get the best results once your creatives are great.


    1.    Create Intrigue: Sometimes when your online Ad is shrouded in mystery and suspense, it tends to make people wonder and thus click on it to find out more. People are usually curious and you can use their curiosity to your advantage. CMO shared a story about an ad agency in France that posted pictures of an actress on Instagram. She seemed to have an ideal life (that of a superstar), attending parties at different locations and always happy. It was an ad, they created a hashtag and asked people to comment on what they saw; it was when they revealed the motive behind the ad, which was to address alcoholism and also pointed out that the actress in every location in the pictures was seen holding a drink, that was when people really understood. Their followers went from 16, 000 to 100, 000 in a few weeks. Now that’s intrigue, you can do that for your brand, when your ad has an element of suspense, it attracts clicks.


    1.    Use Influencers: Gradually, influencer marketing is becoming increasingly relevant in digital advertising. Having an influencer with a large followership of your target audience share your brand story, products or services, even testimonials, and similar content have proven to help organizations gain considerable market share. People want to connect with a face they know and can trust, so it’s easy for them to believe these influencers who tell them to purchase a certain product or just endorsing one. Aligning with the right influencer is also crucial to the success of your brand or business.


    In RDM we manage quite a number of brands and influencer marketing has helped us in achieving our client’s goals and objectives. In one of our campaigns for an Insurance company (Compare Insurance), a leading financial expert was contracted as an influencer to help push the brand on social media. A video was shot where he talked about compare insurance being his preferred insurance company, and of course, his followers on social and other financial/insurance followers were the target; the result of the campaign was very positive in terms of conversions.


    Another case study is Milo, the target audience here are mothers. So we engaged the services of celebrity mothers who have children between the ages of 7- 9, to talk to their followers on social media about the benefits of the new Milo ready to drink pack. They made series of posts on different platforms, the engagement was great and the campaign was a success.


    There are loads of online adverts in the digital space, how can you rise above the noise and make yours stand out? We can help you achieve that.

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