• Tips for Insurance Companies on Digital Marketing

    The insurance industry is regarded as one of the foremost in the financial risk business, the sector has consistently sought the use of traditional methods of reaching their target market and only recently saw the need to tap into the vast opportunities that digitally provides. With the technological advancement in recent times, the insurance industry does not want to be left behind, it is on the move to modernize its services as quickly as possible for better customer experience. Here are some things a typical Insurance Company should do to have a secure digital marketing advantage.


    • Have a Website: A website is a sure way to get through to your customers, according to www.internetlivestats.com, around 40 percent of the world have access to internet connection today. It is safe to say that we have users, searching for fast and accessible insurance firms on the go, so, maximize the use of your website in reaching and providing quality products and services. It is important to build trust and credibility with your customers, responding to customer enquiries in real time shows they can rely on you anytime and thus part with their money. Optimize your website for data on mobile phone usage. Also, without a secure website, a site that begins with ‘https’ rather ‘http’, your insurance site could be missing out on a ranking boost according to Search Engine Land.


    • Create Relevant Content: As an insurance company, you should constantly seek better ways of providing your customers with useful information. Content on your website should be targeted at educating your target audience. Write about how to take care of your car, tips to stay healthy, and much more. These are content that will interest your customers and keep them glued to your site. Plus, it tells them you are an authority in that field.


    • Have a Social Media Strategy: Many insurance firms are not active on social media. In today’s digital world where everyone is hooked up to one social media platform or the other, it is imperative for you to reach your audiences there. Communities are being built on social media and as an insurance company, you can take advantage of it to create a unique community where your customers can share their experiences and connect with one another, discussing your products and services. Share freebies, engage with them through competitions and get them talking and in the long run convert new customers for you. Research on what platforms work for your brand and industry, then start with that platform first. You can choose to add other platforms once you have your Social strategy well defined


    • Search Ads: Also known as paid search advertising, it’s an online marketing technique that places adverts in search engine results. It’s a deliberate method of placing your ads whenever an internet user searches for specific keywords or phrases in search of a product or service. You can have many keywords or phrases in your industry that relates to your brand, that way it’s easy for people to find your business online as they search. This way you can reach the right people at the right time and also get qualified leads and better conversion rate.


    • Digital Display Advertising: While it is okay to roll out text ads, images tell good stories as well. With visual and targeting capabilities, digital display advertising offers many benefits to the insurance company who seek visibility and brand awareness. Using display ads helps you tell your story with graphical images that are appealing to your customers, the message is better understood thus giving them the room to take the required action.

    Do you want to take your insurance firm digital and increase visibility? We can help.


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