• PR & Communication

    We are PR & Communications to the power of 10 – as we own media assets; produce high-end video directly in-house and cover the continent directly with Ringier Africa AG and beyond through our parent Ringier AG.

    – We work with you on your PR and communications strategy and define who you are targeting

    – We use our extensive African network of journalists and video journalists to cover you and your company from all angles

    – We use our own media and extensive network to place your message where you want to see it and where it drives value

    – We work both with sources in and across Africa as well as outside with our global Ringier AG parent

    – Through a great relationship with the African Press Organization (APO) and media stakeholders in many markets we, reach 100s of millions of people – or a targeted subset using our proprietary ‘Pulse Insights’ product

    – We work with you to target the events you will speak at and organize the press events you will spread your message from

    – We are there 24/7 to monitor social media and work with you on anything that may come your way communications-wise