• 4 tips to help your business this holiday season

    The holidays are here again, there’s a lot of cheer, fun and happiness in the air, people just want to enjoy the season and be merry. For brands, especially those in the consumer market, the season presents to them an opportunity to make great sales and close the year with a big bang. This is the period to roll out exciting offers because your customers are willing to almost go all out in their buying. The brand needs to communicate the holiday spirit properly, share the yuletide experience and moments with customers and get them to “buy” it. Here are some of the ways they can achieve that.

    1. Give Offers: This is a period where people are looking for things to shop for at a discounted rate, get value-added service for a product or a mere incentive just for patronizing your brand. To get the attention of your customers and gain new ones, your brand needs to roll out big offers. Encourage them to seize the advantage to shop for their friends and family, make the offer limited so they only have a small window of opportunity to grab it before it slips through their fingers. Offers have to be practical and instant, don’t make it a rigorous process (filling a form, participating in a survey) as they might get turned off and look elsewhere. It can be as simple as buying one and get the other at half price.


    1. Share Moments of the year: Tell stories of your brand success and achievements of the year, acknowledge staff that have performed exceptionally well. Thank your customers for their patronage and also ask for feedback on how you can better serve them in the coming year. This can be done through well-designed newsletters. You can share tips on the best gift ideas for Christmas and the New Year too.


    1. Share Content for the season: Despite being a great time to sell, it’s also a good time to create intriguing content. You can build your brand further and nurture customer relationships just by sharing useful content within this period. Compile catchy Christmas songs, share stories of old Christmas traditions, run an online quiz competition in the new year, there are tons of content to put out. The season stirs up a lot of excitement and you can use that to your advantage. Create a Christmas video wishing your customers the best of the season and share ecards as well. Social media is a great way to get these contents out there, you can get them in time and schedule the postings using some digital tools.


    1.  Automated Service: Businesses close for the year but customers don’t. Make sure you prepare to meet your customer’s needs even when you’re probably taking a long walk on the beach enjoying your holiday. You can automate customer service messages instead of leaving customers wondering what happens next after filling the contact form. Automation is very important in this season, you can send a mail containing your products and services or the FAQs, for example. You should, however, let them know when you are due back at work, and the next step to take if they are unable to wait.


    Do you know you can improve sales as well as build strong digital relationships this season using carefully crafted and catchy newsletter designs?


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