• See 5 Reasons to have a Social Network Account

    Social network has changed the way we view and do things generally since it was introduced a few years ago. Today social networking sites have become a part of the everyday life of an average individual. Early social networks like Hi5, Myspace and Facebook all played significant roles in the development and enhancement of social media world over, they have evolved now and have become much more than what they were when they started. The world has embraced social networks as a part of life and even organizations are keying into the huge opportunities social networking sites offer to reach their target market and make sales. Yes! it works.

    According to sysomos, there are over two billion active users on social media globally, this means that 2/3 of every ten individual online belong to at least one social networking platform, they are many reasons people open accounts on these platforms and if you don’t have one yet, here’s a list of some the reasons why you should.


    1.       Meet New People: This is primarily the main reason social network was created for, to meet and interact with new people and make new friends. On almost any social network you can think of, you can browse the network to meet new people of any kind around the world. You can also decide to meet and make certain types of friends you want to. You can find people with similar interests as you or just meet as many people as you want, how you do it is entirely within your control.


    1.       Find old or lost friends: Just as you can make new friends on social networks, you can also search for old college buddies or your long-lost cousin, or even your co-worker you lost contact with, there are most likely using the same social networks as you. More of your friends are on social sites likes Facebook and Twitter and you can search for them using the search button on the sites. Another way is to make yourself visible too so they can find you. Through your profile within the social network site, when registering, remember to add relevant information about yourself like the schools you attended and the places you’ve visited, it makes it easy for you to be found.


    1.       Join a Community: A good reason to belong to a social networking site is to find people with similar interests as you who are within a group, share ideas, information and experiences that will help build you as an individual. Many social networks offer such groups with niche interest, and the interesting thing is you can also create your own group for people with common interests as well. Maybe your child has down syndrome and you want to reach out to people who have children with the condition, you can join a group and also subscribe to news and alerts about down syndrome or you create a group for others to join and share experiences.


    1.       Get Noticed for your work: Social networks lets you put up videos, publish articles, audios share your products and services and just generally tell people about what you do for work. This gets you noticed by the right people that are looking for your set of skills or products. With professional sites like linkedIn, AngelList, Nexxt and others where content is mostly about the workplace, career and business, people connect mainly for these purposes. Companies often times recruit staff through such platforms, just by checking your professional profile they know if you’re suitable for a position or not.


    1.       Share Moments: The best moments are captured and stored in the heart. Social network sites have become a place to share prized experiences and cherished moments. From your baby’s first walk, to the grand opening of your business, the moment he proposed and slid the ring in your finger, social networks allow you share these moments with your friends and family and also the rest of the world. Well documented and always there for reference, you get to relive special moments and see how people react to them. You can also share in real time and get instant feedbacks.

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